Solutions and Services
for existing Buildings systems and Predictive Maintenance

ENSOLV® Integrated provides solutions based on latest technologies for overall energy efficiency improvement of existing buildings. The result is energy consumption optimization and building running cost reduction.

The Name ENSOLV can be understood as a merge of Energy and Solution, equally as a Soul of Energy on the other side. Either way it brings the same state of art performance level and efficiency in your building.

Optimisation of existing systems

Optimisation of existing Building systems installations

Only holistic analysis of all systems components and operations can show all weak points and roots of low performances. Monitoring and mitigating on single parameter will not bring systems performans to the most optimal and efficient level.

  • Systems parametric optimisation of all functions to optimal levels of performance in most efficient parameter windows in real time.
  • Detection of oversized or undersized parts of systems that do not and cannot operate in optimal mode.
  • Parts of systems that do not and cannot operate in optimal mode modifications and replacements sizing.
  • IOT additional sensors and Remote AI algorithm deployment to provide real time optimal operation, achieving minimal possible energy consumptiom.
OUpgrade & Retrofit

Upgrade & Retrofit of existing Building systems

UAE's fast growing construction and property market is in the situation today that many Iconic buildings are already 10 to 20 years old. Therefore, much of core building equipment and systems are well past their functional life expectancy with wear and tear stating to show.

Maintaining these aged system machines is not giving results, functionality is below required levels, while costs of running is soaring high. Without audit that captures all systems segments and functional requirements, it is not possible to find which machines from current production lines can be retrofitted in. Therefore Maintenance teams will not be able to replace a Chillers, FAHUs or heatpumps.

Retrofitting with latest technology implementation in existing buildings can provide more than 30% lover running costs with better performances, all compliant with authority requirements for energy efficiency and environmental impact (ESTDAMA, Green Building, LEED, ect...).

  • Upgrade of existing Monitoring and control system to achieve optimal performance of existing systems.
  • Upgrade of major HVAC, Hot and Cold water systems for higher efficiency and Energy consumption reduction.
  • Upgrade of lighting system with lighting control and light fixtures upgrade to LED type.
  • Retrofit – replacement of old equipment’s in HVAC and other system that are exceed their lifecycle with new equipment.
Remote monitoring and control

Remote monitoring and control

Current situation is that many buildings today have systems with various monitoring functions (BMS) but without real time control.

With additional measurements and real time monitoring, via cloud access, all systems performances are accurately controled and provide optimal performance levels and reduced energy consumption.

  • Remote monitoring and control system implementation with fulfilment of actual authority requirements (DEWA requirements).
  • Remote monitoring and control Cloud service.
  • AI analytics of building systems performance for Energy consumption average and pick reduction.
  • Predictive maintenance cost reduction with real time equipment statuses.
ORenewalable energy systems

Renewalable Solar energy systems

Region of UAE, with it's high level of solar energy radiation and 95% yearly with clear sky, is ideal for solar PV and hot water panels application.

First generations of PV Technology did not answer to diminish capacity and life time in actual region's harsh climate conditions.

Today fully functional systems, even on +60°C with efficiency over 20%, provide energy generation stability and longevity for more than 25 years in UAE climate conditions.

  • Solar PV systems with or without energy storage in standalone or grid connected systems.
  • Solar Hot and Cold water production systems integrated with PV and heat pump systems.
  • Wind bladeless vertical micro turbines
  • Remote Monitoring of renewal energy generating systems.
EV charging system

EV charging system

Increasing number of EV Cars on roads today raises a demand for every residential or Office building to have EV charging system.

Requirements for EV charging in buildings are becoming a crucial parameter that will determine their occupancy.

ENSOLV provides solutions for buildings upgrade with EV charging systems, with or without energy storage, for building pick load and grid power limitations compensation.

  • Evaluation of building Electrical power distribution network spare capacity for EV charging system in buildings parking areas.
  • Design of EV charging network and implementation as per available spare power of building grid connection.
  • EV charging network system with synchronise energy storage to overcame grid power limits and pick load reduction.
  • Integration of EV charging billing system for as per DEWA / RTA directives.
Combine Cycle Energy systems

Combine Cycle Energy systems - CHP for Off grid and remote locations

Remote and less urban living locations are becoming more popular, however without energy from a power grid the conditions for lifestyle of such locations can't be achieved.

Solution for smaller premises is Solar, but for larger scale that can be supplementary only, otherwise Energy generation system will exceed physical size of premises.

Solution is Combine Cycle Energy systems (CHP), that can run on any type of fuel. It is a high capacity source for electric power, hot water and cold water from absorption chillers, that covers all requirements of medium to large scale premises.

Many premises today use LNG / LPG / SNG for hot water production. With combine cycle, same premises can have chilled water for HVAC and electric energy from the same fuel and reduced grid energy consumption up to 40%.

  • Systems with micro turbine generators in line with absorption chiller and hot water economiser with 95% utilisation of source fuel energy content.
  • Electric Energy, Hot Water and Chilled water supply system for remote locations premises outside grids, boats, elands.
  • Upgrade for existing hot water production systems with reduction of up to 40% of grid energy consumption.